Friday, October 15, 2010

waste of time

I think I have mental problems when it comes being annoyed. Thats the the first step right? admit that you have a problem. I can get to the point where I can't even look at a person. For instance...I mega loathe jumping photos, and the people in them. (pretty powerful huh?) You know these pictures, where people get in a line, count 1...2...3...JUMP! Idiots. I am all for capturing action moments if it is genuine. But whats the point of this? I have been part of these jumping photos and in my mind I am literally jumping into a volcano. Jumping moments should never be captured, if you ever even think about taking a jumping picture...just throw your camera on the ground and jump on it. Ha, take a photo of that. I hate music shout outs during a song. "For the hottest hip-hop and R&B tracks visit!" Thanks for ruining this song with your obnoxious voice, that's really want I want to do is visit your wack site. O great, get creative with it tune this bullshit to make it sound better. really helping your cause. past two sentences are heavily dosed with sarcasm if you couldn't tell. somebody made a great song and you cant create a you result in ruining theirs; slick move asshole. I also hate getting calls prior to 7am. Think for one I really awake at this hour, and if so...will I be coherent enough to answer your question. doubt it. who is awake and ready to rock pre-sunrise. 12% of the nation...think I high balled that one. I don't care who you are...but when I see you show up on my caller-ID...silencio. go to bed. Have movie ticket prices skyrocketed? Matinee is 7 bucks. I thought they were like 4dollars. damn economy/inflation/government/greedy bastards. Ever go to the gym and see out of shape personal trainers? let me get on their plan. 2 weeks in the doughnut shop I could look like you? where do I sign? I am going to buy what you are selling because it works so nicely for you. Anybody have DVD players that wont let you skip the previews. I get this stop hand in the corner...All I see is the soup nazi holding his hand up with a steaming bowl of No skip for you! I mean really...this little $20 dvd player is going to prevent me from the menu screen. I have been beat by a tiny black box. Glad I have a college degree.

Pure bliss...lets lower that heart rate...I know my adrenaline is pumping. I think I have back sweat.

Wiz Khalifa - Know your name

Kid Cudi - Maniac...yo prep the textual shout out on the video. HA classic

Phoenix - Run Run Run

Lets hit for the cycle eh...prep the 4 banger
La Roux - In for the Kill [Remix] (Ft. Kanye West)