Sunday, July 31, 2011

TV Girl - Benny and the Jetts

Indie-pop group based out of San Diego dropping a lazy day beach song. TV Girl just released a free four song demo, it is a great pick for songs to play when laying by the pool working on that tan (SPF 24, waterproof), or driving to the lake stuck in traffic. It is a good mood song. You will feel good inside with this melody bumping around your noggin.

TV Girl - Benny and the Jetts by thegrandeburrito

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You

This dude Frank Ocean is exploding! Featured on Jay-Z and Kanye's The Throne album as well as his own mixtape getting thousands of downloads. Inventing himself as a go-to R&B hook man. It is a slow baseline with some electro under tones. His voice is soul filled and showing his versatility with him performing a high pitched chorus. This is one to add to your slow jam play list. (We all have them)

DJ Skeet Skeet - I Like it Loud

a microwave teeny popper classic. Here is a very G-rated track that is looking to find its way on the airwaves. It is sugar rushed straight from the studio. If you are into this genera you will love it, too much of this type of music tends to create a pounding in my head...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know (Ft. Kimbra)

The music video is one of the more bizarre that I have had the pleasure of viewing. So, with the oddities aside...this is a pretty exciting song. At about the 90 second mark the song begins to take off. (Brace yourself) Kimbra adds a whole new element to the song, with the back up vocals and her own solo. Without knowing or hearing anything from this artist previously it is a lottery I was glad I played. Get it in.


Wiz Khalifa - Proceed (Ft. Big Sean, Curren$y)

Wiz = Fire, Big Sean = Fire, Curren$y = decent. All three on the same track is super duper. Wiz Khalifa raps about his typical weed and drink, but the beat is slower which is where he is at his best. The five finger slap! Plug.


J. Cole - Can't Get Enough (Ft. Trey Songz)

Its a Cole world...grab a jacket, blanket, or your longjohns. J. Cole and Trey Songz team up for a great hip-hop movement. Lyrically and beat-wise this song has it all running on all cylinders. Solid gas mileage. It is a fun song to listen to, and I am all about having a good time. Yeeeeeeee!!!!!


Airelines - Burial Grounds

Afro-Beat/Pop band based out of the music hub L.A. Whispering vocals with a steady beat with a electro backing creates a positive ambiance. On a sunny day this the Peanut Butter & Jam, smuckers. Come get some.


Real Estate - It's Real

The first I have heard of this surf-pop band, Real Estate. I was pleasantly surprised with their sound. Based out of New Jersey, their song "It's Real" would be placed to perfection in the Zach Braff flick Garden fitting. (New Jersey is the Garden State...please keep up) It is a feel good song, which fits the theme to most songs released in the summer. Get three prong plugged...voltage.


Nervo - Irresistible (Ft. Ollie James)

Ignore the intro...I want to spotlight Nervo, due to the fact of their opening act on the Britney Spears Femme Fatal tour. Twin Bleach blonde Australian DJ's knew how to rock the arena. The girls go by their own tune and have attracted followers. A straight strobe light-pill poppin-rave havin-club banger.


Nikki Jean - Million Star Hotel (Ft. Lupe, Black Thought)

Nikki Jean is a Wisconsin based Indie/hip-hop artist busting on the scene. She has been featured on Lupe Fiasco's "Hip Hop Saved My Life" and Lup returns the favor with his own rendition of a British accent (English or Irish I didn't major in accents) as well as a verse and Black Thought slipped in to round off the song. Nikki Jean has the ability to get popular and Blow and Go, so don't nap on her! Her album "Pennies in a Jar" is due out sometime this year. Boom.


DJ Skeet Skeet - Pumped up Kicks (FTP remix)

Foster the People are on a dramatic rise...invest now and expect major dividends (I purchased my ticket to their Portland show), Despite his name...DJ Skeet Skeet does good work on this already exploding track. It is a house remix, with an underlying quick beat while still holding on to the original vocals without much distortion. Look for DJ Skeet Skeet's newest single "Like it Loud" Skeet Skeet is doing big things, recently on tour with Katy Perry. It was a great show in PDX!


Starfucker - Millions

Portland based electro group Starfucker released another track. It has been underlying for a few months and finally has reached the surface. I have yet to find the mood in which this song fits best (suggestions?) It is a busy, upbeat, and fun song to listen to. It is also a major bonus to support the local boys. Yeeeeeee!!!!!


Lil Wayne - Sorry 4 the Wait

Fresh out the clink and back in the studio is Lil Wayne, and dropping his mixtape "Sorry 4 the Wait" Lyrically the mixtape is uncooked and raw. The foundation is mainly freestyles, but the mastered tracks (only 2) are worth listening to. The song above "Sorry 4 the Wait" is the best song on the tape, lyrically and mixed with Adele's beat. Worth the 2:33 of your day.


Bon Iver - Hinnom, TX

Those of you late to the party...Bon Iver, pronounced ("bon e-vair") despite arguments amongst my peers. Bon Iver's second album self titled was released June 21 of this year. This specific track Hinnom, TX as well as the whole album is tough to describe and force into a genera (Indie-Folk?) It is worth your time, the lyrics seem to be chopped poems, and is difficult to follow, simply hit it with the repeat. Great evening music.


The Knux - Run (Ft. KiD CuDi)

New Orleans duo The Knux collaborate with Cleveland based hip-hop sensation KiD CuDi. The collision gave birth to a alternative rock/hip-hop track with lots happening, Titled "Run" which in fact is a track within itself as a great song to hit the pavement with for a nice work out. Look for The Knux EP titled Eraser, rumor is "Run" is the single tied with the album. Date for drop is unknown, sorry pluggers


Toro Y Moi - Saturday Love

Chill-Wave pioneer Toro Y Moi produces another sunny day coastal drive bobber. Toro Y Moi's upbeat cover of R&B Cherelle "Saturday Love" has his personal chill-pop influence that really shines through. Up coming album Freaking Out set to release in September following Underneath the Pine released in February 2k11.